IEC to accommodate Muslims observing Ramadan during elections

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has reassured the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) that it will accommodate Muslim voters and volunteers during the elections.

The May 8 general elections are expected to take place at the start of the Muslim community’s holy month of Ramadan.

MJC deputy president Maulana Abdul-Khaliq Allie says the IEC will put measures in place to for Muslim volunteers, IEC staff and party agents who will be on duty.

He says special facilities will be arranged for prayers and consideration will be made for the fact that they are fasting.

The leader adds that Muslim have also been given the go-ahead to apply for the special vote taking place on Monday 6 May and Tuesday 7 May.

“The IEC approached us about dates before the Sona announcement and we realised that such a possibility does exist. We are grateful that the recognition was given that the Muslim community will be fasting. The IEC reassured us that on the basis of religious rights the Muslim community can apply for the special vote — Maulana Abdul-Khaliq Allie, Deputy President – Muslim Judicial Council

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