Houghton Masjid Opens

SMS Comments:
Mashallah what an amazing environment
You guys pull out all the stops. All the big guns here. 
Mubarauk on the opening. Allah reward to personalities behind the building of this iconic structure. 
the azaan in the masjid is incredible. is he local?
Im proud to be a Muslim today, Jazakallah molana 
In the heart of the old jew area, what a feeling. 
Shukr to the brothers who hosted us.  
Jazakklah to inviting us molana. See you for zikr. May Allah bless you and the masjid.
Email Comments:
Houghton will never be the same. TNX for the invite
I am totally impressed with the community of hougton, Allah grant you all the strength to keep the dignity of Islam and continue showing the world what Islam is
Moulana this is inspiring!
Unfortunallty i didn’t make it last night, but heard that the musjid is wonderful. Looking forward to attending juma there.

Frequently asked Questions pertaining to Fasting



Frequently asked Questions pertaining to Fasting (Part 1)

Q: Does a minor child have to fast?

A: fasting is not obligatory on a child.

Q: Does a pregnant woman have to fast?

A: By default, a pregnant woman has to fast. However, if illness or harm is genuinely feared upon herself or the foetus, she is then exempted from fasting. She will have to do Qadhā’ later.

Q: Does a sick person have to fast?

A: A sick person is exempted from fasting altogether if there is genuine reason to believe that the current illness will intensify by fasting or that he will suffer another illness on result of fasting or that his recovery will be prolonged due to fasting.

Q: Can a traveller omit fasting?

A: A Shar’ī musāfir (traveller) who embarked on his journey prior to dawn is permitted to omit the fast of that day. As long as he is a Shar’ī musāfir, he may omit fasting.

Q: What about travelling during the day?

A: If a person embarked on a journey during the day, he/she will have to fast that day.

Q: Will the application of eye drops break the fast?

A: Using eye drops will not break the fast.

Q: Can ear drops be used?

A: If a person’s eardrum is not perforated (intact), he may use ear drops. If someone has perforated ear drums, it will not be permissible to use ear drops.

Q: Can we use insulin injections whilst fasting?

A: It is permissible to use insulin injections. Injections do not break a fast.

Q: Will a nasal spray break the fast?

A: Yes, a nasal spray will break the fast.

Q: Can mouthwash be used whilst fasting?

A: It is disliked to use mouthwash whilst fasting.

Q: Is it permissible to brush teeth and use toothpaste?

A: It is disliked to use toothpaste whilst fasting. One may brush teeth, use a miswak and a tongue scraper.

Q: Can an addicted smoker smoke whilst fasting?

A: It is not permissible to smoke whilst fasting. Smoking will result in Qadhā and Kaffārah. A smoker may use a transdermal nicotine patch.

Q: What is the ruling for using suppositories?

A: Insertion of suppositories up the rear passage will invalidate the fast.

Q: I forgetfully ate whilst fasting?

A: If one was totally unaware that he was fasting, the fast will not be broken regardless of what was consumed.

Q: By mistake I swallowed water whilst doing wudhu?

A: By doing an act mistakenly will break one’s fast. However, only Qadhā will be necessary.

Q: I engaged in intercourse with my spouse?

A: Intercourse will invalidate the fast and will make Qadhā and Kaffārah compulsory.

Q: will engaging in intimacy break the fast?

A: Merely being intimate is disliked if it will lead one further. If one experiences ejaculation, the fast will be broken.

Q: I had a wet dream whilst fasting. Is my fast broken?

A: A wet dream will not invalidate the fast.

Q: What is the Kaffārah?

A: A Kaffārah is expiation for a violation. It is fasting for 60 days consecutively without any interruption for those capable of fasting. If one cannot fast, he will have to give monetary Kaffarah.

Q: When will Kaffārah be binding?

A: By swallowing food without an excuse, consuming something that one is inclined to or by intercourse.

Q: Can a sick person pay fidyah instead of fasting?

A: A person who cannot fast due a chronic or terminal illness may give fidyah. As long as a person’s condition remains such that they cannot fast, they will keep giving fidyah for each fast.

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Talk by Sheikh Bassiouni

Talk by Sheikh Bassiouni & Zikr by Moulana Israeel Choonara at the Houghton Masjid (West Street) on 18th May 2017

Duaa to read on a hot day


Labbayk Nasheed Group at the Houghton Masjid (West Street) on 24th November 2016

Labbayk Nasheed Group at the Houghton Masjid (West Street) on 24th November 2016

Labbayk is a nasheed group based in London, UK. The group started singing officially in Islamic events from the year 2004 and have been doing live performances around the world since. The group consists of Masum (Group Leader), Shafi and Imran. Ehsaan joined the group in 2006 and left in 2015, being replaced by Shafi. The nasheeds composed have no musical instruments and no musical instruments were utilised in composing the vocal harmonies. The group is represented by Safar Media based in Gloucestershire, UK.

Duaas to be recited in Qaumah