For any Nikaah bookings or enquiries, Kindly contact:

Moulana Zafar Patel

+27 79 162 5500

Kindly follow the link to book your Nikāh

Guidelines for Nikāh registrants:

1. VERY IMPORTANT: Please be advised that; for the validity of the nikah, it is necessary that the representative of the bride obtains verbal consent from the bride in the presence of the two witnesses. All four individuals (the bride, her representative and the two witnesses) must be present for this formality to take place.

2. The Imāms and/or The Trustees of the Masjid must be informed regarding the agenda of the Nikāh programme.

3. In accordance with the Personal Protection of Information Act, no person/s will be allowed to take the Nikāh register. It will instead remain with the Imāms at all times.

4. A form requesting the details of the respective Nikāh parties must be collected from the Masjid and filled out a few days before the Nikāh.

5. There will need to be representatives from each of the two families present at the Nikāh.

6. The Bride is kindly requested — after making prior arrangements — to come to the Masjid with her Mahram to sign the Nikāh register prior to the Nikāh.
Her representative, the witnesses to representation, and the groom will all sign on the day of the Nikāh ceremony, إن شاء الله.

7. Videography & Photography is strictly prohibited within the Masjid precincts.

8. If a particular Imām from the West Street Masjid is requested to perform the Nikāh, please contact the relevant Imām directly and make prior arrangements to confirm his availability and to discuss the Nikāh program. The Imāms contact details will be made available where required.

9. In the event of either the Bride, the Groom or both of them having taken Shahādah (embraced Islām) recently, we would — for record purposes — require a signed and commissioned affidavit affirming such. An affidavit form may be collected from the Imām if required.

10. The ladies’ facilities will be open on the day of the Nikāh إن شاء الله.

11. Only Kajoor (Dates) & Zam Zam may be served outside the Masjid boundary in the courtyard area. No consumables are to be brought into the Masjid.

12. Please ensure timeous arrival of Nikāh parties at the Masjid so as to avoid confusion and inconvenience.