Houghton Masjid Opens

SMS Comments:
Mashallah what an amazing environment
You guys pull out all the stops. All the big guns here. 
Mubarauk on the opening. Allah reward to personalities behind the building of this iconic structure. 
the azaan in the masjid is incredible. is he local?
Im proud to be a Muslim today, Jazakallah molana 
In the heart of the old jew area, what a feeling. 
Shukr to the brothers who hosted us.  
Jazakklah to inviting us molana. See you for zikr. May Allah bless you and the masjid.
Email Comments:
Houghton will never be the same. TNX for the invite
I am totally impressed with the community of hougton, Allah grant you all the strength to keep the dignity of Islam and continue showing the world what Islam is
Moulana this is inspiring!
Unfortunallty i didn’t make it last night, but heard that the musjid is wonderful. Looking forward to attending juma there.

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