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Houghton Masjid Opens

SMS Comments: Mashallah what an amazing environment   You guys pull out all the stops. All the big guns here.    Mubarauk on the opening. Allah reward to personalities behind the building of this iconic structure.    the azaan in the masjid is incredible. is he local?   Im proud to be a Muslim today, […]

Frequently asked Questions pertaining to Fasting

JAMIATUL ULAMA KZN NEWSLETTER Frequently asked Questions pertaining to Fasting (Part 1) Q: Does a minor child have to fast? A: fasting is not obligatory on a child. Q: Does a pregnant woman have to fast? A: By default, a pregnant woman has to fast. However, if illness or harm is genuinely feared upon herself […]

15th Shahaan Programme 2017

Houghton Masjid (West Street) Special 15th Shabaan Programme: Tonight after Esha! Programme includes: 1. Hafez Muhammad Yaaseen Choonara 2. Ml Yusuf Osman 3. Qaari Umar Kenya 4. Zain Bhikha 5. Qari Yaeesh Ali 6. Ml Israeel Choonara