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Daily Broadcast Programme during COVID-19 Restrictions

Print for Programme As salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah  Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Quran: ما اصاب من مصيبة الا بأذن الله – ومن يؤمن بالله يهد قلبه – والله بكل شيءٍ عليم ٠ ‘No misfortune afflicts you except with the will of Allah…. And whoever believes in Allah, He guides his heart and Allah […]

Respected Congregants : COVID-19 Guidelines

As Salāmu Alaikum, Respected Congregants COVID-19 Guidelines In the consideration of public welfare in light of the spread of COVID-19 and the need for all segments of the country to cooperate to combat this disease and halt its dissemination, we would like our local community to: strictly adhere to all public health directives and regulations […]